Thursday, 3 March 2016

Association of Employers enable women to leadership positions

truth was clear that the representation of women at various levels of leadership in private institutions, 
the government and on the country's political leadership is still limited.

With statistics showing that the number of women in the world and even here it is more than 50 per cent, 
is far fewer women are fortunate to penetrate chains of patriarchy and finally get the 
chance they deserve to be leaders and seize the opportunity to make decisions. Women 
from the community level, national to international, have been confronted with 
various obstacles in their pursuit of the leadership contest and also participate in the political arena.

For a long time activists advancement of women have been mobilized communities to
 create gender equality and wanting 50 to 50 percent among women and men in leadership.
 Although women are more likely to lead, patriarchy has led many of them to be left behind 
for many years have been deprived of opportunities for continuing education and participate
 in the activities of economic development, political and social.

Tanzania is among the countries that have been struggling to ensure that the policy of giving
women opportunities and upgrading implemented to create an equitable society.
 It is based on this, the proposed constitution mentions the element of representation of women 
by 50 percent the second draft of the new constitution to the Constitutional Review Commission
 headed by Judge Joseph Warioba set litawakilishwa specify that each province and two people,
 namely women and men.

There had been a chance of making the appointment as directors on the board and
 in various still limited so efforts should ensure 50 to 50 should not only 
political but also at the level of decision-making. In order to ensure that
 goal is met, the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) has launched an 
app for the woman of the future (Female Future).

ATE in collaboration with the Union of Employers Unions of
 Norway (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise- NHO) has
 launched a program aimed at improving the efficiency
 with female employees in the workplace, so they can afford to
leadership positions in the company and the board of directors. 
ATE CEO, Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka says the program will start 
from July this year to teach the lessons of leadership,
 efficiency and effectiveness across the board in the
 performance of duties in the workplace and their lives.

He says the training will be held for a period of one year
 where there will be a classroom of 14 days for all three 
courses. The training will be held in the form of merger 
with the daily activities of the person at his workplace. 
He says the operating system software that will include 
the work done every day person at his place of work and 
there will be different ways of communicating such as;
 seminars, workshops and conferences to create a
 network of women effectively.

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